Selecting the Right Caregiver for your Aging Loved One


senior2Finding the appropriate care for an aging senior means not only making a decision about agencies and service plans, but ensuring that the individual caregivers who will become such an important part of your loved one’s life are the best possible match. When you are considering hiring a senior caregiver for your aging loved one, you might find this to be a particularly daunting task. Your concern for selecting the perfect match is always in the forefront of your mind. Caregivers for seniors perform a wide range of functions and responsibilities, so it is important to first determine the qualifications that you are looking for in a professional and competent senior care provider.

Caregivers for seniors can offer the role of companion, offering daily assistance for household chores, running errands, and transporting your loved one to doctors’ appointments and other outside functions. Personal caregivers provide companionship and also help to maximize their quality of life, such as social interaction, activities and community involvement. It is always important to encourage an active lifestyle that will provide fulfillment for a senior.

Whatever your requirements for a senior caregiver, here are some tips that might help.

Conduct Several Interviews

Not only should you interview more than one candidate, but you should be thorough in your process by performing a background check and asking for past references. Ask about their special skills and about any tasks that the caregivers either cannot or are not willing to perform.

Your Loved One’s Needs Come First

Create a list of requirements for the potential senior caregiver, but also talk to your loved one about their preferences and needs as well. Perhaps there is something that you may have overlooked, or maybe your loved one has a specific age range or demeanor that they will find more appealing. Remember, this is going to be a long-term match; an on-going relationship between the senior caregiver and your loved one.

Consider a Professional Agency

You might want to consider looking into a professional service that specializes in locating qualified and competent caregivers for seniors. This process can be quite overwhelming and rather time-consuming. If not handled properly, you could make the wrong choice simply due to being over-stressed  Professional agencies can sort through the many applicants much more effectively and in much less time, leaving you to make the final decision after a through interview process has occurred.

It can be a trying time in our lives when we realize that our elders are in need of a senior caregiver, but with a little organization and a bit of effort, you should have no trouble in meeting the needs of your loved one through the selective choosing of one of the many professional caregivers for seniors available.


alteritivelogoAlternative Ways Senior Services offers a unique alternative to the traditional senior care-giving experience. We offer an array of services and activities as well as a custom tailored program to suit the needs of the individual.




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